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Volunteer with United Way

Volunteer Connect

United Way has established Volunteer Connect, an interactive platform for volunteers and nonprofit organizations to connect and serve their community together. Through Volunteer Connect, volunteers are encouraged to sign up and create a profile and mark what charitable causes and interests they are most passionate about. Our convenient system will then match volunteers with opportunities as agencies post them that meet the interests the volunteer specifies.

Volunteer Connect provides a volunteer resume for volunteers who track their hours through the system. This is a great way to receive documentation and show your hours for scholarship requirements and job applications. And, you can share your progress through social media!

United Way’s Volunteer Connect is mobile-friendly which provides connecting on the go and long-term relationships. It allows nonprofit organizations the ability to promote their volunteer needs and special events as well as receive immediate emails from volunteers who sign up for their opportunities. Organizations can effortlessly build a database of volunteers and easily communicate and engage with volunteers in a targeted way that’s based on their history and interests or skills. All these features can be viewed in reports, which help the agency best understand how volunteers are engaging with their agency profile, needs, and events. 

Whether you’re a volunteer or an agency looking for volunteers, sign up today and let the matchmaking begin!