A New Volunteer Experience

United Way’s Volunteer Connect: A New Volunteer Experience 

Volunteer (n). a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

Rutherford County is one of the most giving communities. We hear it all the time and know it to be true. United Way and other community organizations are dependent on volunteers. They are what keep the heart of a nonprofit beating. However, change is constant, and what we do and how we do things are always evolving. Volunteerism is no different. We are all working to improve the conditions of our communities. So how can we transform the process of volunteering to be more efficient and effective to make an even bigger impact?   

What if we launched something so innovative, so intuitive, so user-friendly that life as a volunteer will change as we know it. What if we provided a tool that could learn a volunteer’s passions and provide ongoing recommendations of opportunities that align with their interests. Well, the good news is we have, and it’s here.  

United Way launched Volunteer Connect, a platform that allows individuals to see various ways they can make a difference in the community. This venue, presented by Volunteer State Bank, stands true to its name “Volunteer Connect” as it will increase the potential for volunteer involvement in the community. Upon creating a volunteer profile, the intuitive platform learns a volunteer’s passions and interests and provides ongoing recommendations of ideal service opportunities. It also provides a mobile-friendly experience, interfaces with social media, tracks real-time volunteer and agency engagement, and can produce a volunteer resume. Sounds like a Millennial’s dream, right?  

Volunteer Connect, however, is not solely for the individuals volunteering. It also lends itself a huge benefit for community organizations. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Volunteer State Bank, Volunteer Connect is free for any community organization. The no-cost platform enables nonprofits to easily promote volunteer opportunities, in‐kind needs, and special events; generates reports on all volunteer data; drastically reduces staff time needed to communicate volunteer needs; and allows direct access to highly skilled volunteers.

So, how does it work? It’s simple. Follow these four easy steps to begin your Volunteer Connect experience:

    •    Visit www.unitedwayvolunteer.org
    •    Simply log in by creating an account or sign up through Facebook
    •    Browse volunteer needs by your interests, passions and availability
    •    Choose the needs you can fulfill and volunteer to make an impact!
United Way and Volunteer State Bank are proud to introduce Volunteer Connect to Rutherford and Cannon counties. We encourage volunteers and community organizations to take full advantage of all this community-connecting platform offers.  Get started today at www.unitedwayvolunteer.org.

For questions, contact McKenna Moore at McKenna.Moore@yourlocaluw.org.