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Murfreesboro Young Professionals


The Murfreesboro Young Professionals is a membership-driven, non-profit organization aimed at creating a unique community for professionals to develop personally, professionally and civically by maximizing their individual and collective potential. MYP is branded with the phrase “Know. Be Known. Contribute.” as it services the three key area of networking, professional development, and philanthropy. By focusing on today’s young professionals, MYP hopes to develop a stronger workforce as professionals become seasoned leaders in the greater Murfreesboro area community.

MYP and the United Way have an established Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that results in the following:

  • A reserved seat for a MYP delegate on the UWRCC Board of Directors as an ex-officio member
  • Up to three reserved seats for MYP delegates on UWRCC operating committees, including the following:
    • Communications Committee
    • Community Impact Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Policies and Nominations Committee
    • Workforce Engagement Committee
  • UWRCC serving as MYP’s primary philanthropic conduit, including serving as the beneficiary for its two primary fundraisers: MYP Trivia Night and the Ice Cream Bowl
  • Promotion of UWRCC’s mission, opportunities and program partners through MYP’s philanthropic endeavors and to MYP’s membership

For more information about MYP, visit