Community Traning and Development

Introduction to the Leadership Challenge®

Speaker: Leigh Anne Clark, PhD
Topic: Introduction to the Leadership Challenge®
Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017
Time: 3-4:30 p.m.
Location: The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, Third Floor

One of the longest questions in management is what does it take to be a great leader? Are you born with the ability to lead or is it something that you can learn? Is it better to focus on the work to be done or to put more energy in developing your relationships with others? Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, management professor with the Jones College of Business will introduce participants to the five practices of Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge®. Based on more than thirty years of continued research, the Leadership Challenge® teaches people how to be better leaders. It meets people where they are in their leadership development and provides doable practices or behaviors that will make the difference.

In this session, Dr. Clark will lead participants through an exercise focused on the practice of Model the Way that clarifies their personal values and sees how they interact with organizational values. She will also explore the third practice of Challenging the Process with guidance for integrating out sighting practices into your routine.

The Leadership Challenge approaches leadership in a way that works for leaders who have been leading for many years, to brand new leaders at the beginning of their nonprofit career, and to all in between.

November 16th, 2017 3:00 PM   through   4:30 PM
3050 Medical Center Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
United States