Anniversaries to Celebrate: The Clayton's

Anniversaries are important. They signify commitment, they honor important things in our life, they offer a chance to reflect on accomplishments, and look forward to the things to come. Don & Melanie Clayton are no strangers to these things as they celebrate three incredible anniversaries this year. 
After meeting at Vanderbilt University for graduate school, Don & Melanie fell in love. In 1986 they made it official and shared "I Do's." They have spent the last 33 years building their life together. 33 years brought two children, an abundance of memories, and enough love to last a lifetime. 
In 1989 Don began serving as part of the team at Ingram Content Group. 30 years later he is the Vice President of Logistics Analysis for Ingram Content Group. 30 years with Ingram have made him a thought leader in his field, and an incredible asset to their team. 
More than 20 years ago, Don & Melanie decided they wanted to continue making a difference in the community. They were already active members at their church, but wanted to expand their impact. Years later they remain incredible assets to United Way. They continuously dedicate their time and resources to helping us fight against the problems that face our community. Their enthusiasm towards United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties mission, helping every individual in our community reach their full potential through education, income stability, and healthy lives, has helped us continue to fulfill our work. Don & Melanie started their United Way journey as supporters through workplace campaign giving. They go above and beyond with their giving as members of the Legacy Society. The Legacy Society is a planned giving society that allows people like Don & Melanie to advance the common good now and forever. Legacy Society gifts support the long-term success of Rutherford and Cannon counties and ensure programs and initiatives are continued for the members of our community.
The Claytons are the ideal representation of the importance of anniversaries: celebrating bonds to your loved ones and unwavering commitment, the respect and leadership that comes from dedication to a craft, and the lasting, positive impact that comes from consistent dedication to your community. We are proud to celebrate these important milestones with them, and blessed to call them supporters of our own. 
Aside from the integral support of United Way, Don & Melanie are still actively involved at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. They enjoy MTSU football and travelling, with the goal of visiting every Major League Baseball stadium. 
Want to know more about how to get involved with United Way or have questions about joining the Legacy Society and making a planned gift? Contact Casey Warren at or (615) 893-7303.